Vinay Somawat
1 min readSep 18, 2019


Top things a Web Developer should know

A good web developer should familiar with these things regardless of the language or skills or framework, he/she specialized in.

Fundamentals: HTML/CSS/JavaScript. HTML/CSS helps to build interface and as well javascript used if you’re mean/mern stack developer than it used in frontend as well as backend development.

Git & GitHub: Git and Github are version control system and quite popular compared to others. Working on huge project and a large team, you definitely need it. Learn operations repositories, pull requests, commits, merging branches, etc.

Chrome DevTools: “Inspect element” helps in javascript errors, status codes, page loading timings, etc.

Consuming API: Learn to use third party data/APIs. There are many public APIs.

Building REST API & CRUD: Building backend APIs and working on a database(MySQL, MongoDB). POSTMAN is a good tool.

Authentication: To track your users if they’re allowed to create resources/access. Few terms are cookies sessions, JSON web tokens, etc. including third party authentication like Google, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

Problem Solving and Searching: Skills to solve the problem using algorithms. Like searching operation.

Writing test: Testing is important also documentation.

DevOps & Development: Developer must be familiar with deployment/hosting of application. Working on AWS/Google cloud is best nowadays.



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