Are strong data structures and algorithms and medium knowledge of DBMS and OS enough to get 12 LPA, or does the project play an important role for a 1-year experienced person?

Vinay Somawat
2 min readMay 12, 2022


I have more than 1-year of experience. After giving interviews for more than 20+ companies, I find myself eligible to write this answer.

Most of the big MNCs and startups are offering 12LPA to 20LPA in hand to the freshers if you have:

  1. Strong Data Structures and algorithms:
  2. With ‘Strong’, I mean you are able to come up with different approaches using to solve a question in order with time and space complexities. Use different sorting algorithms/divide and conquer/DP, and different types of data structures(hash, priority queues, etc) in your solutions.
  3. You are able to write neat and clean code using good naming conventions, using the DRY principle, and using comments if necessary.
  4. Medium DBMS/OS/Networks:
  5. Just memorize most asked questions about DBMS/OS/Networks. Nobody knows everything but at least basic questions must be answered.
  6. Use fundamentals of DBMS/OS/Networks in your projects and refer to your project once you’re asked about a related question. (BONUS Point)
    Eg: For DBMS — Use SQL in your project, if you’re asked about ACID properties, just refer to one of the ACID properties that you’ve used in your project.
  7. Good Communication:
  8. Be loud about your approaches, keep asking if you don’t understand anything, and keep the interviewer inside your mind(keep speaking what you’re thinking while solving a problem).
  9. Projects <<< what you tell in your interview. The projects you wrote are just pieces of lines until you explain them in your interview, how did you come up with this idea and all (Watch shark tank if you need a demo, of how to give a pitch) :P

That’s all! Most of the things I covered. The remaining is YOUR LUCK!

PS: I got rejected 8 times before I got a final offer. :P

Keep giving interviews, and keep improving!



Vinay Somawat

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