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Vinay Somawat
1 min readJul 30, 2019


Screenshot of Front Page

The motto of DeveloperAtYourDoor is to help people to find a good developer at a reasonable price in their city like Urbanclap.

Technologies used: Angular 7, Spring Boot, MongoDB.

Page & Details:

  1. Login: Login page with Username & Password.
  2. Signup: First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password, Re-Type Password.
  3. Home: List of Developers (Each card includes developer details)
  4. Developer detail: Separate page to show details of a developer.
  5. About: Temporary text.
  6. Contact us: Temporary text.
  7. Add Developer: First Name, Last Name, Type of Developer, Experience, Per hour pay, City, Country, Contact, Email address, profile picture.
  8. User Profile: List of developers added by the user.

Back end REST APIs:

  1. Add a developer
  2. Get all developers
  3. Get a single developer
  4. Get all developers added by the user.
  5. Delete a developer.

Project link:

Fork the repository and install on your system.


Angular 7:




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